Perky Panda is an online shop selling cute and unique items for babies and toddlers. Currently we stock 3 amazing brands – Attipas toddler shoes, Edamame clothing and Bitatto the wet wipe cover.

Attipas Functional shoes are a world first in toddler shoes. As light as a sock but more supportive than a pre walker, these functional shoes ergonomically support toddlers’ first steps & thereafter. These little cuties are convenient to put on and use, breathes, has plenty of wiggle room with their big toe box, no adhesives or formaldehyde used, very light weight and flexible just like wearing socks!

Edamame clothing caters for boys and girls aged 1 – 6 years and are made from a unique yarn made of soy, wheats and oats. This makes the clothing very natural and hypoallergenic, as well as being super soft and luxurious to the touch.

Bitatto reusable wet-wipe lids are useful little gadgets best-selling in Japan. These cute little lids attach to the opening of a pack of wetwipes and click open thus enabling the wet wipes to stay moist for the next use. They also enable the wet-wipes to be cleanly taken out one by one if you press down on the corners of the cover and pull. This is such a fab gadget that all mothers who have experienced the irritation of 15-wetwipes coming out at once and then coming back to it the next time to find that the remaining 10 wipes are bone dry!