7 parent super powers we wished we had

We’ll be honest here, there are times as a parent whether this be from a newborn to 30+ that we wished we had some sort of magic parent super powers. I mean, don’t you?

Parent superpower 1

Imagine being able to sleep through those nights, a peaceful 8 hours sleep… bliss! Being able to know that your children are safe and actually enjoying their time with the new babysitter so you don’t have to cut short that one night out? Or just knowing that they are not up to any mischief in the room next to you when they go quiet so that you don’t have to keep running back and forth every 5 minutes. Well, we’ve given it some great thought here at Perky Panda HQ and compiled 7 super powers we wished we had…! The question is, if you could only have one, which one would you opt for?

1) Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak

When they go quiet, that either means they are peacefully sleeping or they are up to no good. With Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak not only can you check on them without needing to interfere but you could also play some pretty funny pranks on them as they get older.

Parent superpower 2

2) The Hulk’s Superhuman Strength

We’ve all been there… you have your little one in your arms, the shopping, oh and not forgetting that all important diaper bag. It’s heavy, you’re tired and you really wish you had arms of steel right now, if only to take the pain out of this trip across Tesco’s car park…

Parent superpower 3

3) The Incredible’s Superhuman Speed

This super power was up there with the rest of them. Imagine the ironing done in like 2 minutes flat, instead of 2 hours. That in itself would be a miracle!

Parent superpower 4

4) Dr Dolittle’s Ability To Talk to Animals

Parent: “Did you give your dinner to the dog?”

Child: “No. Can I have my desert now?”

Dog: “Liar liar pants on fire!”

Parent superpower 5

5 Albert Einstein’s Super Intelligence

The dreaded math’s homework is back again for another Tuesday night. Oh the joy! Not only are you learning with your child but when they ask for help, how are you to know the right answer? Just because you’re a parent, doesn’t mean you know… right? As they get older, this only gets harder. Our old trick is to say, “mummy’s very busy right now, please go and ask daddy for some help”. Pass the book on until you get caught out!

Parent superpower 6

6) Flying like Peter Pan

Avoid the traffic jams, I spy games and countdown for ‘are we there yet?’ Imagine no more arguments for the front seat, no more tantrums in the car – everyone would be happy taking flight. Oh we wish, we wish, we wish….!

Parent superpower 7

7) Matilda’s Telekinesis

You’re changing your baby’s nappy in the middle of the night and then you realise the wet wipes are just over on the other side of the bed. “Agh”, if only they would just move with the power of your mind! Nope never mind, let’s pick the naked baby up and go grab them otherwise we could be here all day trying!

Parent superpower 8

Either comment below or Facebook us with the super power you would love to have the most. We look forward to seeing which one would be the most popular superpower of them all!

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