2016 February 

The lovely Lucy gives Attipas Sneakers and Perky Panda a rave review over at her blog Run Out of Womb:

“They’ve sock-like uppers – so soft and comfortable – and rubber grippy soles, which are great now he’s standing and coasting around. They’re £16 from Perky Panda, a brilliant online baby and kids’ store, curated with cool but reasonably-priced designs.”

2015 May

A lovely review of the green new corsage Attipas shoes by Emily and Indiana.

“I love how soft and flexible they are.”

2015 April

My Family Fever Kate’s little boy Max tries the gorgeous natural herb blue Attipas shoes and it proves a hit.

“On top of all the great practical features, I think they look pretty funky too! There are heaps of designs to choose from”


Katie reviews Attipas shoes in What’s Good to Do together with Edith. Thank you!

“It seems that any shoe you put on a toddler they are determined to take off as soon as they are in their car seat (along with their socks), one of the great selling points of the Attipas shoes is they seem virtually impossible to be removed by their wearer!”

2015 January

Thank you to Lindsay at Newcastle Family Life for the rave review of Attipas toddler shoes.

“They have a lot of oh so pretty girly shoes and some super trendy little boy ones too. There really is so many lovely ones to choose from there is pretty pastel corsage ones to bright spots and stripes and little sneakers to nautical ones.”

2014 October

Donna from What The Red Head Said tries out a pair of purple sneakers on her little man and gives us a big thumbs up:

“I wish we’d known about these shoes when Little Man took his first steps a few months ago. For me, these shoes would bridge the gap between a child standing/cruising and buying first shoes when they start to walk independently but even after they are walking confidently there would still be a place in a toddler’s wardrobe for Attipas Shoes”

2014 October

Jenny reports after testing out a pair of our Attipas Together Pink over on her blog Let’s Talk Mummy. Beautiful photos of a beautiful little girl – the perfect model!

Now every time we go anywhere she chooses these as her go to shoes before her old favorites, her wellies.

2014 September

CWB (Childrenswear buyer) magazine covers the launch of Attipas UK.