5 Benefits of Attipas Shoes

Children don’t stay children for long, therefore ensuring your children are supported along the way is a must for any parent! To ensure your child can get the most out of their first steps, and you as a parent can be sure that you’ve given them the best stepping start, Attipas shoes are the way to go!

Attipas Shoes

Attipas shoes are unlike anything that has come before, providing your child with not only the comfort of a soft sock but the support of a sturdy shoe, ensuring that your children are supported from the word ‘go’. Attipas, meaning “my precious friend’s steps,” launched in 2011 after extensive research and development with Seoul University’s centre for Cognitive Behavioural Development.

Attipas shoes are;

1. Breathable due to small holes in the soles of the shoe, releasing the heat from the baby’s feet.

2. Convenient as they are machine washable, fast drying, strong, well-wearing and non-slip, meaning that they are a safe fit for your child to explore the world in. They are also very easy to take on and off, with no troublesome laces to worry about!

3. Safe to wear, since no harmful materials or chemicals like Formaldehyde are used in the manufacturing process.

4. Lightweight and flexible, providing your children with comfort and stability due to the sock like feature embedded in the design.

5. Allow free toe movement due to the big toe box feature, which helps support motor and cognitive development, while ensuring your child’s feet are not cramped or movement restrained.

Attipas Shoes

Toddler’s feet need support and protection when they are taking those first important steps. The fit of the shoe is of the utmost importance when choosing your toddler’s first shoes. Since their nerve endings are not yet developed, although they might not notice or feel the discomfort or pain of ill-fitting shoes, it can cause problems for them down the line with regards to their walking ability.

With Attipas shoes, there is no need to worry about that as their unique features, such as the big toe box, which supports and protects feet by providing extra wiggle room so their feet are not cramped up. They also create an even distribution of foot pressure, helping correct your toddler’s walking. They fully support the foot and ankle, proving to be more supportive than a pre walker shoe, making them a safe shoe for your toddler to start their adventures in.

Due to Attipas shoes being machine washable, there could not be an easier way to keep your child’s feet free from any build up of bacteria. With the super comfort of the sock design, it won’t be the trouble of getting Attipas shoes on your toddler, it’ll be getting them to take them off which will prove a challenge!

Not only are these shoes safe and supporting, they are also super colourful, adding a pop of colour and pattern to your child’s outfit and affordable at £15.99 a pair. They are best for children aged 6 months to 2 years. One thing’s for sure, these all important Attipas shoes will make your child the coolest toddler on the block!

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Attipas Shoes

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