Parenting Bloggers You Need To Follow

Parenting isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it’s a job like a no other. Some days you may find yourself juggling nappies while others you will be cleaning your little one’s artistic endeavours off the walls. It’s hard, it’s tiring and it is stressful. At the end of the day you forget about the day’s troubles and are rewarded with a precious sight, reminding you that it is down to your love and devotion that this little miracle is even here.

No one is quite prepared for what parenting is actually going to be like. In fact many of us parents find ourselves muddling through because it is nothing like what the books prepared us for. For most of us, muddling through is the best we can do and we do it pretty damn well, but that is nothing to be ashamed of.

In this modern age of parenting, it is always refreshing to be able to connect with other parents who are like you – getting by one day at a time – without feeling like you are being judged or criticised for your approach to parenting. What better way to connect with other parents than reading than their parenting blogs. You never know, it may even inspire you to start your own.

Here are some of our all-time favourite parent blogs in the UK:

1) Mum In The Mad House


For those of you who agree that parenting is the hardest thing you have ever done, be sure to give Mum In The Mad House a read. During times of insanity, this amazing blog will provide you with the ability to make sense of utter turmoil. Jen writes some of the most refreshing and eye-opening posts about the reality of parenting. In Jen’s words, “it’s all or nothing”.

From budgeting to your child’s first day of school, Jen has got it covered. If anyone understands the hurdles you’re facing, it’s Jen, and she has advice for everything. The Mad House is the encyclopaedia of parenting where all of your worries are turned into reassurance. This is the perfect place to come if you are looking for even an ounce of confidence in your parenting skills.

So relax and let your worries go, because Jen, the Mum in the Mad House has come to your rescue. Thanks Jen!

2) Love From Mummy


If you are looking for someone to voice the things that you would love to know, Love From Mummy is exactly what you need. Vikki, a normal photography-mad mum from Kent, encapsulates the privileges of being a parent. With a down to earth approach and a voice you can trust, Love From Mummy is an honest and open blog sharing Vikki’s personal journey as a Mum.

Love From Mummy is definitely worth a read, especially if you are after a blog that is relatable. Advice from one mum to another, from money saving tips to throwing dinosaur parties, this mother of two is a voice of sanity amongst the chaos of parenthood.

Valuable tips are not the only thing that this blog provides. With brilliant product reviews and recommendations for all things children, Love From Mummy is our saving grace.


3) The Gingerbread House


Not only is this blog down to earth, but it is also a beautiful tribute to the turbulent world of parenting. From choosing the right scooter for your child to travelling with toddlers but without the tantrums, Jenny covers all the bases. The Gingerbread House is a familiar and calming place to return to at the end of a chaotic day – it’s like sitting down to chat to your best friend.

If you worry about never having things under control, then fear not. Jenny’s blog is proof that order will come with time. It is hope and comfort all wrapped up in one place, so if it is reassurance you are after, The Gingerbread House is your home from home.

4) Daddacool


What is more refreshing than hearing about parenting from a different perspective? Daddacool provides a down to earth account of what it is like to be a dad and everything that comes with it along the way. It’s good to know that we’re not on our own with convincing our kids that we are in fact the coolest parents ever.

Alex is a breath of fresh air sharing many of the same worries that all of us parents fret about on a regular basis. And for all those dads out there, there is no need to be alone because Daddacool has all the answers. Well, most of them anyway. Let’s just say that he has worked out the secret cuddle paradox… What does that even mean?

If that’s not enough, all of you dads out there will rejoice in knowing that Alex has very kindly provided great reviews of the latest children’s films. Thanks Daddacool!


Do you have a particular parenting blog that you like to follow? Tell us in the comments below, we’re always open to some new reads.

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